Our muddy home is your muddy home.

Want to write for us?

At Mud + Breath, we get muddy, grow tenderly, explore consciously, live warmly, and do it all with the breath in mind.

We bring childlike magic, dirty feet, and windblown hair back into a hectic world through snarky stories, do-it-yourself projects, and empowering factoids.

Our stories focus on

holistic wellness (yoga, spirituality, herbalism, meditation, and stress relief),

alternative living (organic farming, cooking, canning, fermenting, homesteading, tiny homes/living small, minimizing, hiking, and hygge),

and mysticism (moon magic, astrology, rituals, and spells).

For now, Mud+Breath is working from our bootstraps, so we're not able to compensate you for your pieces. We do however welcome you to join our roster of writers for when that time comes or to submit a piece to be published with your byline.

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